Culture Club is a new show on Belgian television. It wants to bring art and culture to

a broad audience, combining high art and pop culture. 

So we let people experience what it is like to be on the wall in one of Europe’s most 

prestigious contemporary art museums: the S.M.AK. in Ghent.  By Instagramming with 

#cultureclubinsmak, your photo instantly appeared on the wall, between famous artists such as Francis Bacon, Marina Abramovic and Andy Warhol. You could witness this all via the live stream and share your work through the online gallery.


Creative Club Belgium Awards Finalist, TrendHunter, Advertolog, Adeevee, De Morgen, We Are Social Media, 

La Reclame, Be Magazine, Best Ads (Best interactive of the week), CreaPills, Pub, Make me feed,

Wersm, Iletaitunepub, Chasseursdecool, nowymarketing, Coloribus, Graficznie, Pure actu, LademiereHeure,

LaLibreBelgique, Ads of the world.  


Babo Schokker

Concept, Art Direction.

Jan Schoofs 

Concept, Copywriting.


Mortierbrigade Brussels. 

By posting your work with the 

#cultureclubinsmak it instantly appeared on the museum’s wall, livestream and in the scroll down

art gallery ready to share.

We launched the idea live in the tv-show, on social media and via PR. People immediately responded massively: Over 8.000 submissions got their fifteen minutes of fame, ranging from promising artists to shameless selfies, cats, dogs and other nonsense.

Every week the museum director chose the 5 best submissions. 

The people who uploaded them, were then interviewed by the newspaper De Morgen, which is sold throughout Belgium.